Project Background

Music Video

Beast on the Block   ∫∫∫  Producer: Sateesh 


On the set of Beast on the Block: Director of Photography Samuel Brownfield (left) & Producer, Sateesh Zanemvula (right)

After producing a number of film projects, positive feedback circulated around the team of film ninjas I roll with. Dynamic, an independent artist from Florida already had a director attached for his music video "Beast on the Block," when he contacted me. What he lacked was the people with experience in film production.

The budget was $25,000 and Dynamic had very specific requirements for the video. He wanted to shoot on 35mm film and most importantly he wanted a 3 day shoot and not a 2 day shoot. Every producer that his managers reached out to in LA told him that this impossible to pull off in Southern California - and it really is. The challenge is that a 3 day shoot dramatically increases costs on almost every level. The tension between the budget and creative desires would ordinarily require this to be a two day shoot - MAX. At the same time, I understood Dynamic's concerns. He was worried that the quality of the music video would be negatively affected with a two day shooting schedule.  

When Dynamic's team spoke with me I still suggested doing things in two days, but laid out how we'd have to proceed in order to pull it off in three

I worked with director of photography Samuel Brownfield to compare the director's shot list with Sam's equipment rental list. My experience in cinematography and as a hands on filmmaker, helped me to have a strategic conversation with Samuel, the director of photography. We were able to attack the lighting and camera plots together and determine in advance the lighting and camera gear that was imperative vs. the equipment that would be nice - but that we could also do without. I went to bat for Sam to try and get him everything he wanted to help bring the director's vision to life, while still keeping us under budget.

Our team ended up getting the bid for the project, I was able to trim the fat on the budget, Dynamic was happy and 'Beast on the Block' received over 240,000 youtube views. Whew!

*Special thanks to RaJeana Price - producer and miracle worker - impossible to pull this off without you!