Project Overview

 Black Gold.  Rush  album cover

Black Gold. Rush album cover

Contrast man - push & pull. That’s really us. Eric is pushin’ ahead & I’m pullin it back...In many ways we hear things similarly, but sometimes when we differ - that’s when it’s the most magical.
— Than Luu, Black Gold

Black Gold was the first band signed by Red Bull Records when the company launched. Red Bull came to me to create a series of documentaries that captured the spirit of Black Gold. As I got to know Eric, Than & their music, they became like older brothers to me. I learned so much from them about being an artist & I poured my passion & appreciation for their work into the sampling of documentaries you see below. Really grateful for the opportunity to contribute...

Plans & Reveries

Documentary of the Music Video   ∫∫∫   Director: Sateesh

Sort of almost in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ kind of way, we’re descending down the rabbit hole into this bizzare, almost spooky but dream-like underworld.
— Eric Ronick on the "Plans & Reveries" music video

See the Plans & Reveries music video here


Black, Gold & Contrast

Documentary Portrait of Musicians, Black Gold    ∫∫∫   Director: Sateesh

I found that especially in recent times….{people} rely more on production or just the sound of things. {Eric & Than} came at it from a point like ‘Hey, if I can’t play this on guitar or piano and a voice and it convey the song, then it’s not a song.’
— Vincenzo Lorusso, Music Producer

Black Gold North American Tour

Directed by Sateesh, Eric & Than

The guys went on tour, captured their own footage & got some cool clips sent to them from their fans. They gave these random glimpses of the tour to me & my creative task was to put it all together to make a cool story. This was the result. I had a BLAST making this. Al in Montreal is classic!


Documentary of the Music Video    ∫∫∫   Director: Sateesh

Shot on location in Los Angeles, this shoot had a run & gun, guerrilla feel to it. Steven Drypolcher directed the music video (he did Plans & Reveries too). I fed off 'the rebel with a camera' vibe that Steven brought & it all worked together in the effort to convey the essence of "Detroit" and the artists behind it. (See the final music video here)


Overall Results

Breathlessly experimental...nearly every song is a potential single.
— Spin Magazine

Black Gold on VH1

Rush is easily one of my favorite albums in my entire music collection. One day I was in the movie theater lobby at City Walk and I heard one of their songs playing over the system speakers. That was really exciting! The song "Shine" was featured on "So You Think You Can Dance.""Plans & Reveries" can be found in the game "Tap Tap Revenge 3." Aside from that, I don't know all the billboard numbers & stuff, but I think things turned out pretty well.


*If you want a copy of Black Gold's debut album Rush you can get it from iTunes. I've linked it here. I think it's available on vinyl for the analog purists out there. Check your local indie record shop.