Project Background

Editing for Robert Townsend

Coley's is an extraordinary Jamaican restaurant in North Hollywood - drop by if you get a chance. This is where I ran into Robert Townsend. I put down my plantain (a really good plantain) and approached him to say hello. He was really cool and we actually got to talking a little bit. 

I ran down some of my work and he decided to give me a shot to come on board as an editor for some projects he was directing at the time. (In addition to directing, I am a skilled editor.)

In my family, we love the 5 Heartbeats ("is there a heart in the house tonight?") and it was really cool to become a contributing member of the production team he put together for Diary.

 I got the footage from Mr. Townsend's shoots, brewed some chai tea, launched Final Cut Pro and put in work as a contributing editor on 3 projects: 

Diary of a Single Mom, a 'Webby' nominated, 'Indie Soap' award winning internet series that got picked up for television. Starring Monica Calhoun (The Best Man; Sister Act 2), Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars, Lady Sings the Blues), Richard Roundtree (Se7en; Shaft) and Leon (The Five Heartbeats; The Temptations). 

Issue Cafe a pilot talk show series tackling personal finance. 

A breast cancer awareness spot featuring Richard Roundtree & Valery Ortiz. (Did you know Mr. Roundtree successfully beat a rare form of male breast cancer?)

 Robert Townsend & the cast of  Diary of a Single Mom

Robert Townsend & the cast of Diary of a Single Mom