(L to R) Sam, Craig, Ross & Barry

Step in from the darkness, is this what you came for?
What you came for?
I will be your lantern, is this what you came for?
— Twin Atlantic lyrics

Project Overview 

Following the positive vibes from the Black Gold project, Red Bull Records asked me to create a series of documentaries for the second band signed to the label - Twin Atlantic. It was cool getting to know Sam, Ross, Barry & Craig and how being from Glasgow, Scotland shaped their sound. Vivarium is their debut album and the documentaries capture special moments in time for the band and their fans. Most importantly they document that their accent is awesome. Here's a sample of works from the Twin Atlantic Vivarium project:

"What is Light? Where is Laughter?"

Documentary of the Music Video  ∫∫∫  Dir. Sateesh

We just have a massive passion for this band. I guess we’re pretty easily motivated because we love doing this and we feel so privileged
— Craig Kneale on Twin Atlantic

"You're Turning into John Wayne"

Documentary of the Music Video

Do we imitate all we love to hate?
So if there is one thing I wanna know
Is how you feel about being American
— Lyrics - You're Turning into John Wayne

See the final video for You're Turning into John Wayne here. You can buy Vivarium here